Qiang pan Bronze Vessel (Basin)

229,00 €

Middle Western Zhou Dynasty (end of 10th century B.C)

Excavated from Pit 1 in 1976-1977 at Zhuangbai (Fufeng District), Shaanxi Province. Kept by Zhou Yuan Administrative Office of Cultural Relics, Fufeng.

Size : width 270 mm, depth 220 mm, height 62 mm.
Weight : 2300 g approximately.


This bronze vessel, with its bird motifs, has a lengthy inscription inside, made of 284 characters, and makes it one of the most important ancient bronzes. The characters are presented in two parallel halves. One side is a poetic description of the first seven Zhou kings. The other describes four generations of the Wei family, ending with a wish for long life and continued merit in the service of the Zhou kings.

Qiang pan is more a trophy than a religious object. The honours it proclaimed extended to itself, the ancestors, and future generations.
This bronze vessel conveys prestige through the illustrious history recorded in its inscription.

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