Is the site secured?

Yes. Information transmitted on the site are totally secured, using Internet protocols. Credit card numbers are not stored on the site but on the secured site of our banking partner.

What is our privacy policy?

You can use the site without leaving your personal datas. But, when you open an account on the site, we keep your datas necessary to the billing and delivery of your order : your name, address, email, and so on.

To respond to your questions, fulfill your requests or manage interactive customer programs, it may be necessary to ask for or obtain personal data. If you provide us with any personal data, we may use it to respond to your requests, customize your user experience with us, determine your satisfaction with our products or contact you via mail, e-mail, mobile message or phone or, in accordance with local law, use such means to inform you of new products or promotions we may offer. By providing information to us through this site, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifying information of the type and for the limited purposes described in this Policy.

You expressly accept and give your consent that your personal data obtained in connection with your use of this site may be transferred, if permitted by applicable local legislation, across international borders to server locations supporting this site (including but not limited to transfers from those locations back to the country of your location) for operating and developing this site services, including transfers to our subcontractors or agents, as mentioned below, who perform tasks related to this site, or for the purposes of storing the data in relevant databases, which may be located in France where we have operations.

If you place an order for a product, request a service or submit content to this site, we may need to contact you for additional information required to process or fulfill your order and/or request. Unless compelled by applicable law or administrative or judicial order, we will not provide this information to a third party without your permission, except as necessary to process your order, fulfill your requests, manage interactive customer programs or, if you are a corporate user, enable administration of access and usage of this site by authorized personnel in your organization.

Because we are committed to protecting your privacy, we do not engage in the practice of selling or trading personal data to other companies for promotional purposes.

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