Order Terms of Sale

(posted and effective as of 01 July 2006)
Applicable to OYA Trading and Consulting Web sites at the following URL/domain name: WWW.OYABRONZE.COM

By placing an order for items on oyabronze.com, or by accepting delivery of such items described on the applicable packing slip, bill of lading and/or invoice received with the items, you agree to be bound by and accept these order terms (Order Terms of Sale). If you do not agree to these order terms, do not place any item orders on this site. These order terms incorporate by reference and include this site's "Site Terms" and "Privacy Policy". Please review this Site's Site Terms and Privacy Policy to confirm your agreement with such terms. If you do not agree to this site's SITE TERMS AND PRIVACY POLICY, do not place any item orders on this site. Orders placed on the site oyabronze.com are reserved to individuals and "final buyers" companies. By placing an Item order through this Site, you represent and agree that you are buying the Items solely for your own use, and not for resale. Resale or distribution of the ordered items are prohibited.

oyabronze.com may change or modify these Order Terms from time to time, with or without notice, with such revised terms applicable from the date posted. You should recheck the effective date of the Order Terms posted on this Site ("Customer Service") prior to each transaction you make on this Site to determine if you have reviewed the version applicable to your transaction, including without limitation, Items ordered that were previously saved in this Site's shopping cart mechanism. OYABRONZE.COM has posted above the effective date of this version of these Order Terms for your reference.

article 1 - Order Processing

The version of these Order Terms of Sale (these "Order Terms") posted on the date ("OYABRONZE.COM") accepts an order from "you" for a selection of hand-made Chinese Bronze statues, shall govern such purchase and sale transactions made through the on-line Item ordering system at the URL/domain name(s) referenced above, as applicable (this "Site"). These Order Terms are applicable only to transactions made on this Site. This Site supports only transactions providing for Item shipments to a delivery address in France (including Corsa island). Orders for Item deliveries outside France are accepted case by case, after the client has sent quotation demand to our Customer Service. Shipping costs are all in charge of the client.

For any selected Item on the site oyabronze.com, a recapitulative page will be displayed automatically, with all details about selected items (name of article, unit price, order quantity, and total amount of order). You should check all your selected Items before confirming the order. After your confirmation, your order will be sent to OYA TRADING & CONSULTING for processing.

OYA TRADING & CONSULTING reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any errors or omissions in, any data contained on this Site. oyabronze.com is not responsible for any loss or damage that is caused by your reliance on any data contained on this Site. If you have any question on products, you are free to contact our Customer Service.

OYA TRADING & CONSULTING reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or cancel orders in its sole discretion to any client that is in law suit with the company, to anybody does not respect Order Items of Sale, or to people engaged in fraudulent activity or any legitimate reason.

article 2 - Availability

Our products offer and prices are available as long as they are visible on the Site, according to our stocks. In this case, indications about products avaibility are given on the time you place the order. Erros or modifications can happen exceptionally, especially when we get orders for the same item by different clients simultaneously. In case of unavaibility of some products after you place the order, we will inform you by electronic mail ou by phone as early as possible, and propose you to order another item available on the site oyabronze.com for replacement of our previous order, or cancel your order. If you choose to cancel your order, we will refund you if your account has been debited.

OYA TRADING & CONSULTING is not responsible for stock interruption or unavailable products.
OYA TRADING & CONSULTING reserves the right to change anytime and without notice the products presented on the Site oyabronze.com.

article 3 - Order Confirmation

At the end of order process, you are invited to click on the button "confirm". After validation, your order will be transmitted to OYA TRADING & CONSULTING for processing. You will not be able to modify or cancel your order, except for conditions expressly mentionned on these Order Terms of Sale or required by the law. Validation of your order means acceptation by your part of all the Order Terms of Sale. An order summary will be sent to you by electronic mail.

Datas saved by the site oyabronze.com are the proofs of all the transactions between OYA TRADING & CONSULTING and its clients. In case of conflict between oyabronze.com and one of its clients about orders placed on the Site, these datas saved by OYA TRADING & CONSULTING are considered as legal proof of the contain of the order.

article 4 - Pricing - Payment

Barring problems contacting credit bureaus and financial institutions, orders are typically processed the same day as entered. By placing an Item order through this Site, you represent and agree that you are buying the Items solely for your own use, and not for resale. Products prices are indicated in EUROS, all taxes included. Your order total amount must include extra-charge for shipping costs, according on your chosen option.
OYA TRADING & CONSULTING reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the prices of the products proposed on the Site oyabronze.com. Your bill will be edited according to prices displayed on the site oyabronze.com at the moment you confirm the order, under reserve that your items are available at that time.

Any order placed on the site oyabronze.com should be payed immediately after the confirmation of your order. We only accept payments by credit cards.

All orders are payables in euros. Accepted credit cards are : MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express® attached to a bank account located in France. Your order delivery will be executed after the check and verification of your payment means and after we receive the autorization of your bank.Orders placed on this Site are not binding until accepted by OYA Trading and Consulting, via e-mail order confirmation or otherwise in writing. Orders for Items purchased online are subjected to OYA Trading and Consulting's prior review and approval of your credit card. Terms of payment shall be determined at OYA Trading and Consulting's sole discretion. Payment for Items shall be made by credit card. Credit card payments are subject to the approval of the financial institution issuing your credit card, and OYA Trading and Consulting shall not be liable in any way if such financial institution refuses to accept or honor the credit card for any reason.

article 5 - Property rights

Products ordered by you remain the property of OYA TRADING & CONSULTING until the total payment received by OYA TRADING & CONSULTING. In case of payment incident, you are engaged to restitute to OYA TRADING & CONSULTING delivered products as soon as we will ask you.

In the mean time, you are responsible for any risk (loss, deterioration) about the delivered products, since the effective date of delivery.

article 6 - Delivery zone

Orders placed on the site oyabronze.com can only be shipped to Metropolitain France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Any other destination outside this territory will be refused during the order process. If you still want to be delivered outside France, please contact the Customer Service for special quotation and arrangements. For security reasons, OYA TRADING & CONSULTING will not implement orders with Postal box or Cedex Box as client delivery address.
Products are delivered to the address you have mentionned during the order process.

article 7 - Transportation fees

During the order process, you have to choose the delivery means you prefer.
Delivery fees are calculated according to your delivery option and totally in charge of the client. Fees are displayed on the Site or directly to our Customer Service.

When you resume your order and before confirmation button, we will indicate you the amount of transportation fees and the way of delivery you have chosen. This amount should be payed in addition to your selected items prices.

article 8 - Delivery time and duration

During the order process, we will indicate you about the time and way of delivery for your order.

article 9 - Delivery problems

Any default or delay in the delivery up to eight (8) open days should be noticed to our Customer Service as soon as possible. Any formulated claim after thirty (30) calendar days after order confirmation will not be taking into account.

You are invited to verify the conformity of the merchandise on the moment of delivery and indicate, if possible on the delivery receipt (write down your remarks and signature), any problem you have seen on the items(opened packaging, damaged products and so on.).

In case of non-conformity of items or if you are not satisfied, vous can return us or ask for exchange, according to conditions in the section "Returns - Claims".

article 10 - Responsability limit

In any case, OYA TRADING & CONSULTING can not be responsible for indirect damage, incident, special or accessory, and without limit, of exploitation loss, profit loss, resulting in purchase of items on the site oyabronze.com. For any breach oh these Order Terms, your sole and exclusive remedy for defective items or other claims shall be, at OYA Trading and Consulting's option, replacement of the applicable item, or refund or credit of the purchase price of the item, provided that in no event shall OYA Trading and Consulting's maximum liability exceeed the total price of the item ordered by you.

article 11 - Governing Law and Arbitration of Disputes

These Order Terms of Sale are regulated and interpretated with the French law without taking into account of law conflict principles. Application of the United Nations's Convention on international sale's contracts of merchandises are not valid. These Order Terms of Sale are originately written in French. In case of conflict, the tribunal of commerce of Meaux is exclusively competent and you accept this authority. OYA TRADING & CONSULTING reserves the right to ask this authority to obtain injonctions or ordonnances for the defense of our rights , according to these Order Terms of Sale.

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