Galloping Horse on Swallow

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From Eastern Han Dynasty (23-220 A.D.)

Size : width 230 mm, height 160 mm.
Weight : 550 g approximately


Unearthed in 1969 in Leitai (Wuwei county), Gansu Province. It is now kept in Gansu Provincial Museum.
Original size : Height 34.5 cm, Length 45cm.

The bronze statue is a famous representative sculpture of the Han Dynasty.
Horses were the most effective and swiftest tools in war, facilitating transportation and communications in ancient China.
The strong cavalry was also very important in resisting the invasion of the Huns and keeping peace in the northern frontier of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220).
Thus, people had the strongest reverence for horses at that time and regarded them as symbols of sanctity, power and the outstanding achievements of the nation.

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