Tripode Ke Cooking Vessel

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Middle of Western Zhou Dynasty (900-800 B.C.).

It was unearthed at Famen city (Renjia Village, FuFeng county), in Shaanxi Province. It is now kept in Shanghai Museum.

Size : Height 134 mm, diameter 107 mm.
Weight : 900 g approximately.

The Tripode Ding Bronze Vessel, an important article in Western Zhou period, is historically known for its weight. The tripod ding has 3 legs and the position of legs means that fire can be placed under the vessel and enables to cook meat.
It is decorated with designs of animal faces and waves.

The inscription on the interior wall is made of 290 chinese characters. The words praise the grandfather of Ke as a modest and virtuous gentleman who helped the Emperor of Zhou to run the state. So Zhou Yiwang, an Emperor of Zhou, promoted Ke to be an important minister in charge of delivering his decrees. The inscriptions confirm his promotion and grants him costumes, land and slaves. The inscription has been an important material for historians to study the Western Zhou History.

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