Fu Xin Wine Vessel

89,00 €

From Western Zhou Dynasty (end of 10th century B.C) during the reign of Emperor Mu (Zhou Dynasty).

Excavated from Pit 1 in 1976-1977 at Zhuangbai (Fufeng District), Shaanxi Province.

Size : height 217 mm, width 175 mm.
Weight : 750 g approximately.

Jue or wine vessels can have a very large range of forms. They were used for warming and drinking wine (or beverage): it has wide outlets and three legs such as knifes. The position of legs was designed for receiving flames under the vessel, capturing the heat very fast, in order to warm wine. The outlets and vessel belly are embellished with phoenix design.
Wine vessels were used for toasts in business meetings. Fu Xin was the owner’s name. The replica is marvelous in design and decoration.
As a rarity of Western Zhou bronze vessels, it is of great value for collection.

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