Kylin - mythical animal

119,00 €

Middle Western Zhou Dynasty (end of 10th century B.C.)

Size : width 190 mm, height 130 mm.
Weight : 800 g approximately.

Excavated from Pit 1 in 1976-1977 at Zhuangbai (Fufeng District), Shaanxi Province.
Original size : Height 23 cm, Length 30cm.

Kylin is a Chinese mythical animal.
This bronze handicraft is unique in its kind, because of its best combination of various beasts : dragon head, deer horns, pig nose, tiger back, bear waist, lion tail, fish scales, cattle hoof.

It is a mascot which is said to keep away evil spirit and bring fortune.
In Chinese legend, the Kylin guards against fire destruction and also means longevity.

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