The production of our Items is made according to Chinese traditional techniques (aging 3000 years) which is the piece-mold casting.

Firstly, the worker cuts meticulously on a wax pad, using tools and hands, to sculpt the model, reproducing the original object.

Secondly, soft clay is applied on the model. These clay pieces were removed in sections to form molds, which were reassembled around a core, whereupon molten bronze was poured into the space between the mold and the core. After cooling, the mold pieces were removed. If the object to be cast is a vessel, a core has to be placed inside the mold to provide the vesselís cavity. The piece-mold method was most likely the only one used in China until at least the end of the Shang Dynasty. An advantage of this rather cumbersome way of casting bronze was that the decorative patterns could be carved or stamped directly on the inner surface of the mold before it was fired. This technique enabled the bronze worker to achieve a high degree of sharpness and definition in even the most intricate designs.

In the center, upside down, is the model for a wine vessel. The two sections of the mold, made of soft clay, are pressed against it to transfer the vessel's shape and decoration. The model is then trimmed away to form a core. The mold-pieces are reassembled around the core, leaving a space, which is filled with molten bronze.

Finally : After cooling, the worker proceeds to the polishing and finishing (green patina) of the bronze.

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