Square Ding
Square Ding 99,00 €

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Western Zhou Dynasty (900-800 B.C.). It was unearthed at Famen city (Renjia Village, FuFeng county), in Shaanxi Province. Size : height 167 mm, width 115 mm. Weight : 1000 g approximately. This Square ding was used to cook meal or meat. Serial ding are a...
Qiang pan Bronze Vessel (Basin)
Qiang pan Bronze Vessel (Basin) 229,00 €

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Middle Western Zhou Dynasty (end of 10th century B.C) Excavated from Pit 1 in 1976-1977 at Zhuangbai (Fufeng District), Shaanxi Province. Kept by Zhou Yuan Administrative Office of Cultural Relics, Fufeng. Size : width 270 mm, depth 220 mm, height 62 mm....

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