Crane on Tortoise
Crane on Tortoise 89,00 €

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Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Size : height 230 mm, width 80 mm. Weight : 350 g approximately. It is a replica from Ming Dynasty‘s imperial court mascots. The heavenly crane, immortal, stands straight, looking to the sky. Its front legs are standing on the...
Flying Dragon
Flying Dragon 89,00 €

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Western Han Dynasty (206-100 B.C.). Size : hauteur 180 mm, largeur 110 mm. Weight : 520 g approximately. The dragon is the symbol of all the Chinese nation. It is said to be powerful, mysterious, frightening, and even alarming. The Chinese dragon is a...
Galloping Horse on Swallow
Galloping Horse on Swallow 99,00 €

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From Eastern Han Dynasty (23-220 A.D.) Size : width 230 mm, height 160 mm. Weight : 550 g approximately PACKED IN A LEATHER BOX Unearthed in 1969 in Leitai (Wuwei county), Gansu Province. It is now kept in Gansu Provincial Museum. Original size : Height...
Kylin - mythical animal
Kylin - mythical animal 119,00 €

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Middle Western Zhou Dynasty (end of 10th century B.C.) Size : width 190 mm, height 130 mm. Weight : 800 g approximately. Excavated from Pit 1 in 1976-1977 at Zhuangbai (Fufeng District), Shaanxi Province. Original size : Height 23 cm, Length 30cm. Kylin...

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